Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The truth behind Geteducated.com

About Get Educated
Get Educated Claims to be a directory of online degrees provides rankings, ratings, and comparison tools.

Inside Story
Upon looking at their website the first impression is of a heavily paid advertiser for various unknown online colleges. With sponsors occupying 60% of the website space in the middle you can view the actual content they are trying to display. The content generally has negative points for a variety of similar colleges, universities which belongs to the same pool of the ones advertised. This creates a hue question mark regarding the reliability of the website, which forced me to dig in deep for this.

Digging it deep
Going through one of the most reliable source on the internet wikipedia, I searched for Geteducated.com. The results displays that the page existed and was deleted. Below is the reference.

Upon seeing such a known site not present on wikipedia rather having a page that is deleted raised further questions about its neutrality. Upon looking into the comments further the redundant mentioned of Newsweek came as a question.

Wikipedia being a very reliable source and having all the history incorporated can prove to be a great source of the actual truth. The picture below would give you the actual story why the page was deleted as a person have identified GETEDUCATED.COM merelay as a clearing house.

This proves that don’t have any physical existence anywhere that shows that they are not authentic business owners. The website clearly shows that universities can get them advertised on the website by paying them. They rate and rank universities on the basis amount being paid to them. They don’t take the quality of education into consideration. They primarily misguide students and advise them to go to the universities that have paid them and the list of wrong doings goes on.
Below is the link where universities, schools and colleges can get themselves advertised on their website and they will rate you on the basis of amount you have paid them irrespective of the quality of education these institutions provide

Sunday, October 18, 2009

GetEducated.com is indeed a big scam. Beware of GetEducated.com they will destroy your career by giving you sponsored advises.
GetEducated.com is indeed a big scam. Beware of GetEducated.com they will destroy your career by giving you sponsored advises.

Friday, October 16, 2009

GetEducated.com pledges to harm you —the consumer- the students.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

They claim to have quoted by Newsweek “GetEducated.com – "a great source for weeding out phonies" (among online colleges).” This statement has not been published by Newsweek it is fabricated.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GetEducated.com is a big scam they vow to harm students. Biased ratings - Biased rankings of online colleges and universities.
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